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Trust, Respect, Authenticity, Universal Kinship

We are champions for fishers and farmers, driving ethical supply chains that bring safe food to all. We particularly focus on connecting local producers with local chefs, as this is the best way for all of us, and for the planet.  ​​
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Reinvented supply chains and use of blockchain and bespoke technologies bring transparency to food supply chains. We deliver provenance, freshness, quality and safety while avoiding food fraud and waste. ​​
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Our digital marketplace directly connects producers and chefs, sharing attributes and stories about regions, product and people. We provide the recognition producers deserve, extending their care for produce into the hands of the chef. ​​
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"What Two Hands delivers is sustainably sourced fish and shellfish directly from local fishers. The Two Hands technology allows us a unique way of selling our guests on a story of great produce and we would be hard pressed to find a fresher fish, period."​

Ashley Davis
Chef/Owner, Copper Pot Seddon

“Two Hands opens up the market, provides me with certainty in pricing, gets the fish to the customer quicker and fresher, and makes sure that chefs know the true provenance of what we do. At the end of the day, it means I can spend more time doing what is important for me and my family: fishing.”

Luke Anedda
Fisher, Corner Inlet, Victoria

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Two Hands restores provenance, traceability, ethics and human connections to the food industry by directly connecting producers and restaurants. Using blockchain and bespoke technologies, our reinvented food supply chains improve user profitability, quality, safety, efficiencies, transparency and authenticity.




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