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Trust, Respect, Authenticity, Universal Kinship

Restoring trust and closeness for producers and consumers globally

Food is people’s livelihoods. It’s happiness and comfort, art and fashion. Food is storytelling. Where it comes from and how it’s treated are just as important as how it’s prepared and enjoyed. But as the world gets faster, we’re losing our connection with the source.

At TwoHands we are building the marketplace of the future, digitally connecting fishers and farmers directly with high-end restaurants and consumers.  Our supply chain has been reinvented, eliminating middlemen who add no value, and optimising traceability, food safety and authenticity.

Through this connection, we are returning pride and value to the harvester and choice to the consumer.

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Two Hands restores provenance, traceability, ethics and human connections to the food industry by directly connecting producers and restaurants. Using blockchain and bespoke technologies, our reinvented food supply chains improve user profitability, quality, safety, efficiencies, transparency and authenticity.



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