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THE problem

The current food supply chain is broken

Global impact:
  • USD$60 Billion annual industry cost of food supply chain inefficiencies​ (IBM 2018)​
  • USD$40 Billion  annual food industry cost of food fraud (PwC 2016)
For fishers and farmers:
  • Faceless to end customer
  • No respect or recognition
  • Price takers, feel like a cog in a production line
  • No reward for better quality
For chefs and consumers:
  • No trust of food received - safety or authenticity
  • No visibility of where it has come from, or the journey it has taken to get there
  • Questionable freshness
  • No understanding of the source
  • Not getting value for money
  • Impossible to verify sustainable, ethical food
our solution

Two Hands changes
the game

Two Hands is an Airbnb-type disruptor that has reinvented the food supply chain in a bid to eliminate food fraud and restore trust and closeness between fishers, framers, chefs and consumers.  It is unique in that it humanises food and cutting edge technology to enable trust, transparency and connection.

For fishers and farmers:
  • Higher prices for quality product
  • Valuable and direct market insights​
  • Respect and recognition​ through to Chefs and consumers
For restaurants:
  • Improved profitability
  • Trust in the source of produce and no food fraud ​
  • A marketing platform to showcase the restaurant and chef​
  • Fresher, higher quality product
For consumers:
  • Trust in provenance, quality and food safety
  • Unique and customised experience through the Two Hands platform​
  • Fresher, higher quality product
Global impact:
  • Reduces inefficiencies by cutting out middlemen, including fish markets in China
  • Reduces food fraud with blockchain authentication and smart tagging and tracking technology
our reputation

“With this QR code I can really see the map and where it comes from, how it has been looked after and shipped here... So I really get the best and freshest food.”

Alistair Carter
Head Chef, Waldorf Astoria on the Bund, Shanghai.

“We will be able to get our product into China in the most pristine condition ever, and the Chinese people will be able to experience perfect lobster, just like [when] we take them out of the water.”

Kae & Colin Milstead
Fishers, Port MacDonnell, South Australia
How it works

Two Hands - a marketplace of the future

Direct connections between producers and restaurants

Products are tagged by our fishers, packed to restaurants’ orders, and delivered direct from the ​airport to restaurant. ​Facilitates human connections ​between restaurants and producers

Re-engineered supply chain

Eliminates multiple middlemen, ​saving ~20% in supply chain costs​. Simplified, efficient and scalable.

Blockchain authenticated ​produce

End-to-end traceability and proof of ​provenance fighting counterfeits and food fraud​. Proves ethical sources

Unique and customised ​ experiences​

Smart tags act like a passport. Chefs and consumers scan to see videos of ​the fisher/farmer and region, ​the chef and restaurant, ​sustainability and blockchain information.

"The current supply chain is broken. We are keen to bring on investors who want to be a part of creating an ethical, transparent, reconnected and sustainable food supply chain globally."

Greg McLardie
Founder and Managing Director

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