About Us
Learn more about the Two Hands mission and how we're changing the way people connect with food.

Our Brand Promise

Changing the balance of power in favour of the primary producers

From the fishers and farmers hands to yours, it doesn't get more direct than that. Two Hands has a cultural significance in China for how people exchange items of importance - with two hands.  We take pride in our mission, ensuring the best and freshest produce from harvestor to consumer.


The Teal Breakthrough

Two Hands is adopting a Next Generation business framework, known around the globe as Teal.

 This creates an organisation needed for our times; one that works in a holistic way where all players in the value chain win, from fishers to customers and consumers. Stakeholders are included in this approach with payback to involved communities. Its focus is more than just shareholder value. Two Hands is focused on ethical and sustainable practice.


Driven by Our Values

At Two Hands we are driven by our core values: honesty, respect, walking-the-talk, and innovation.  Collaboration is at the heart of the way we work, valuing each person and each voice along the way.


Be authentic at all times. We value every person and voice along the way, our values guide the actions we take.


Active listening, timely feedback, access to information and supporting each other.

Walk the Talk

Take responsibility to do as you say you will do. Make and keep promises.


A learning organisation focused on improvement. We understand innovation and failure are inseparable twins. Our mantra is “If you don’t make dust you eat it.”

Our Team

Deepening emotional connections between fishers, chefs, consumers & our reinvented supply chain partners. We consider the whole ‘ecosphere’; people, community, environment… the new global village.
Greg McLardie
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Driving me has always been the desire to build something with such a strong foundation, that it will last for generations. I’ve always wanted to build a noble company that makes a difference. I saw the greatest opportunity in the food industry. Two Hands inspires me as we aim to eliminate food fraud and improve the happiness of fishers, farmers and consumers.
Ben Pyman
Head of Operations
Working with the Two Hands' team to bring together producers, the world’s best chefs and the people enjoying what together they create is incredibly exciting. We’re doing something no one else is doing... Sure, we are developing some amazing technology, reinventing international supply chains, and handling the very best food in the world... but this is actually all about honouring amazing, hard working people. And I love that.
Brielle Perry
Head of Sales
I have always seen sales as an opportunity to help industries solve critical problems by bringing them innovative solutions, but what is especially unique about Two Hands is the solution goes beyond solving business problems; It has the potential to have a major positive impact for consumers globally. Leveraging technology to ensure food safety and quality has never been more important than it is at this very moment in history. I am proud to represent this solution.
Derek Munneke
Head of Technology
I have worked with many startups and new ventures, growing early-stage ideas into products and platforms. There is no magic formula for a successful venture, but there are key ingredients, and Two Hands brings these to the table; a team dedicated to actually make something, a vision to change things, and an ability to take the steps to get there. The most exciting startups are the ones trying to change the world, and Two Hands excites me!
Gale McLardie
Head of Marketing
Food is my passion - it's always been both a vocation and avocation. I've been lucky to spend time with farmers across the world and different  foods, to see their enthusiasm firsthand. Two Hands inspires me by bringing that personal experience to consumers globally - allowing them to enjoy and experience the best foods and the stories behind them.
Sascha Rust
Business Leader of Scotland
I’ve had the pleasure of working with fishers, farmers and producers most of my adult life and love seeing the pride they take in their work. Combining new ways of thinking and advocating for the adoption of regenerative principles will better feed our planet in perpetuity while achieving economic prosperity and benefitting our natural world. Two Hands profit is tied to environmental and social success instead of simply taking from our global future. This is the kind of journey I am excited to be on.
Alex Shu
Key Account Manager
The art of food is the best medium for conveying information. Foods show the culture and deliver care, and the trade of food is a history book of modern logistics and global trade business. After studying and living in Germany for ten years, I returned to my hometown Shanghai. At the forefront of the Internet of all things, I look forward to doing my best to make people cross the space and create the deepest resonance with the most perfect food.
Jack Curtis
Seafood Business Leader
Two Hands is a modern Tech Start-Up with a collaborative team working towards a common goal. I wanted to be a part of the Two Hands mission to improve global food safety and traceability, as I truly believe it will have a profound impact on the world.
Stuart McLardie
Meat Business Leader
As a typical millennial, I want to make the biggest positive impact I can. Two Hands enriches the lives of fishers, farmers, consumers and chefs of the world. Seeing firsthand the emotion and warmth from fishers, who do it tough, be recognised through to the end consumer and better rewarded  for their sweat and tears… Priceless!
Mallika Dutta
Social Media Leader
I seek inspiration by learning from  the experiences of those around me and being a firm believer of seeing  failure as opportunities for growth. I embrace “Everything is possible with  the right attitude and hard work”. In a rapidly developing but faceless  digital economy, Two Hands excites me as it uses “Technology for a purpose”, disrupting traditional supply chain practices to represent and respect the  efforts of farmers and fishers, across the globe.  
Yang Chen
Key Account Manager
Eager for success. Always full of the passion for progress. Grow up in a farmer’s family and majored in Marine science and technology at university. All my experiences have made me more aware of our goal and direction. Two hands will eliminate food fraud and improve the whole seafood industry. Both consumers and producers will be more satisfied because 2H redefine supply chain.
Arron Ollington
Business Leader of Australia
For almost two decades my working life has given me the privilege to meet and work with many amazing restauranteurs, chef's, suppliers, farmers, growers and makers. More recently, my focus had shifted to assisting incredible small-scale producers whose stories, passion, ethics and knowledge would be lost in a traditional supply chain. The dedication from Two Hands to re-connect producers directly to chefs and consumers by building a transparent and traceable supply chain will have a seismic impact - I am proud to be a part.
Richard Yap
Financial & Business Analyst
Innovation and sustainability are  the key drivers for me personally. Being part of Two Hands team can align my  interest to do the right things through the new technology to improve supply chain authenticity and traceability, which is an innovative idea to bring sustainability to the world. The future depends on what we do in the present  and I believe what Two Hands currently doing will become the future trend.
Jordan Williams
Operations and Logistics Leader
Improving systems and processes for  the greater good inspires me. I strongly believe that working to make a  difference is where you find meaning and enjoyment in life. Two Hands gives me the opportunity to  really make a difference. Seeing the direct beneficial impact that Two Hands  makes, to both producers and chefs, has placed me in an exciting and  fulfilling work environment that I am proud to be a part of.

Board Members

Clay Maxwell
Non-Executive Director
I'm deeply passionate about supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the context of solving extremely complicated, important problems. Two Hands has the passion, determination and aptitude to solve one of the biggest challenges confronting us today - the archaic supply chain.
Wayne Hayes
Non-Executive Director
I have spent my career in IT working to the motto of developing “Innovative and cost effective business management software”.  Two Hands is a digital disruptor which meshes the power of technology with human endeavour where people are at the centre.  I am proud to be part of this mission.
Stephen Hanman
Non-Executive Director
I have been driven by creating soulful organisations for 35 years. Where people can be real and work is a blast from a results and a development perspective. Two Hands wants to do things differently – it is an idea whose time have come. Where we take responsibility for everything we do and look after everyone involved while living our leading image. I want to be part of that.