About Us
Learn more about the Two Hands mission and how we're changing the way people connect with food.

Our Brand Promise

We facilitate a direct connection between producers, chefs and consumers.

From the fishers and farmers hands to yours, it doesn't get more direct than that. The name 'Two Hands' reflects both the directness of our connection (from the hand of the producer to the hand of a chef/consumer) and how people around the world exchange items of importance - with two hands.  

We are driven to redesign the food system by shifting the balance of power in favour of primary producers, and empowering chefs and consumers to make informed choices.

We consider ourselves to be champions for our fishers and farmers, driven to return power, recognition and reward back to them. We believe ecologically focused fishing and farming can be a force for good and strive to work with partners committed to making meaningful impact and achieving industry best practice. Working directly with producers, allows us to empower chefs and consumers to know more about the source of their food,  make better choices, and experience the true value of blockchain authenticated produce. The resulting kinship of all participants, in harmony with the planet, is at the heart of Two Hands’ reason to exist.

We ensure fresh, quality, authenticated produce is delivered from producers to consumers – straight from the source.

We believe transparent and collaborative supply chains are critical in rebuilding trust, social equity and global biodiversity. We bring this value alive, by building a marketplace that reinvents the supply chain to eliminate unnecessary middlemen costs, restore provenance, traceability, ethics and human connections to the food industry. 

We are also currently pursuing a B-Corp certification, as a part of our quest to operate at the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


The Teal Breakthrough

Two Hands is adopting a Next Generation business framework, known around the globe as Teal.

This creates an organisation needed for our times; one that works in a holistic way where all players in the value chain win, from fishers to customers and consumers. Stakeholders are included in this approach with payback to involved communities. Its focus is more than just shareholder value. Two Hands is focused on ethical and sustainable practice.


Driven by Our Values

At Two Hands we are driven by our core values: honesty, respect, walking-the-talk, and innovation.  Collaboration is at the heart of the way we work, valuing each person and each voice along the way.


Be authentic at all times. We value every person and voice along the way, our values guide the actions we take.


Active listening, timely feedback, access to information and supporting each other.

Walk the Talk

Take responsibility to do as you say you will do. Make and keep promises.


A learning organisation focused on improvement. We understand innovation and failure are inseparable twins. Our mantra is “If you don’t make dust you eat it.”

Our Team

Deepening emotional connections between fishers, chefs, consumers & our reinvented supply chain partners. We consider the whole ‘ecosphere’; people, community, environment… the new global village.
Greg McLardie
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Driving me has always been the desire to build something with such a strong foundation, that it will last for generations. I’ve always wanted to build a noble company that makes a difference. I saw the greatest opportunity in the food industry. Two Hands inspires me as we aim to eliminate food fraud and improve the happiness of fishers, farmers and consumers.
Stephen Eyre
Advisory  CFO
Health and well-being are at the core of who I am and food is integral to this. Being part of Two Hands fills me with immense pride knowing that I'm directly contributing to making the food journey transparent for all and sustainable for future generations.
Derek Munneke
Head of Technology
I have worked with many startups and new ventures, growing early-stage ideas into products and platforms. There is no magic formula for a successful venture, but there are key ingredients, and Two Hands brings these to the table; a team dedicated to actually make something, a vision to change things, and an ability to take the steps to get there. The most exciting startups are the ones trying to change the world, and Two Hands excites me!
Alex Shu
Co-founder, China
The art of food is the best medium for conveying information. Foods show the culture and deliver care, and the trade of food is a history book of modern logistics and global trade business. After studying and living in Germany for ten years, I returned to my hometown Shanghai. At the forefront of the Internet of all things, I look forward to doing my best to make people cross the space and create the deepest resonance with the most perfect food.
Sascha Rust
Food Systems Architect
I’ve had the pleasure of working with fishers, farmers and producers most of my adult life and love seeing the pride they take in their work. Combining new ways of thinking and advocating for the adoption of regenerative principles will better feed our planet in perpetuity while achieving economic prosperity and benefitting our natural world. Two Hands profit is tied to environmental and social success instead of simply taking from our global future. This is the kind of journey I am excited to be on.
Gale McLardie
Head of Product&Marketing
Food is my passion - it's always been both a vocation and avocation. I've been lucky to spend time with farmers across the world and different  foods, to see their enthusiasm firsthand. Two Hands inspires me by bringing that personal experience to consumers globally - allowing them to enjoy and experience the best foods and the stories behind them.
Shaun Stewart
Business Leader - Investment
I began my journey with Two Handsas an investor in the first Birchal Fund Raise as I was enamoured by thepotential of the business to do well whilst doing good. I am thrilled to betaking an active, hands-on role in bringing that vision to life.
Marc Robson
Business Leader - Beef
Passion and challenging the status quo have always been my driving force. The Two Hands goal of revolutionizing the way that farmers, fishers and ranchers connect with the consumer is what the world needs and deeply connects with my values.
Stuart McLardie
Expansion & Innovation Leader
As a typical millennial, I want to make the biggest positive impact I can. Two Hands enriches the lives of fishers, farmers, consumers and chefs of the world. Seeing firsthand the emotion and warmth from fishers, who do it tough, be recognized through to the end consumer and better rewarded for their sweat and tears… Priceless!  

Board Members

Stephen Hanman
Non-Executive Director
I have been driven by creating soulful organisations for 35 years. Where people can be real and work is a blast from a results and a development perspective. Two Hands wants to do things differently – it is an idea whose time have come. Where we take responsibility for everything we do and look after everyone involved while living our leading image. I want to be part of that.