Two Hands is more than a marketplace, more than a blockchain solution. By directly connecting farmers, fishers and restaurants, we fundamentally shift the balance of power in food supply chains.

Now Expanding to Scotland

Since December 2020, Two Hands has been operating its marketplace in Australia, directly linking local producers with restaurants, providing better pricing for fishers and farmers, and guaranteed authenticity, freshness and provenance at competitive prices for chefs.

Now, more than ever, the world needs Scotland to lead the way.  While technology enabled industrialised food production, the latest technology advances can bring solutions to producers, their artisan produce and food supply chains.

Acting alone, no company or institution can lead us toward producers reclaiming their rightful place in society. However, Scotland's AI capability and the enormous potential of tech startups working collaboratively with government, academia, industry bodies, and business have great potential to transform food supply chains and regional communities.

Investment opportunities

Why join Two Hands?

Two Hands is committed to improving the reward and recognition of fishers and farmers.  The vast majority of UK producers lack the resources to address the titanic changes facing the food and drink sector— rapid technological change, net-zero initiatives, sustainability credentials, and the impact of Brexit. The livestock carbon impact narrative, often led by climate activists, contributes to an imbalanced debate. Two Hands solves these issues so farmers can focus on what they do best. But we also provide significant benefits to chefs and the wider community as well.

Fishers and Farmers:

+ More profit (and no fees)
+ Your quality & sustainability efforts benefit you
+ Direct market feedback
+ Build a brand with chefs and consumers

Chefs and Food Service:

+ Fresher produce
+ 100% authenticity back to the source
+ Know the story of the produce and producer
+ Highly sustainable
+ Competitive prices


+ UK Marketplace building upon international experience
+ Net Zero program with producers
+ Blockchain-authenticated carbon footprint, sustainability and authenticity back to source
+ Scale benefits - earning margin from current supply chain inefficiencies

our participants

"At Hazel we purchase through Two Hands because they give us access to the freshest, highest quality seafood available. The transparency and supply-chain traceability that Two Hand provides gives us confidence that we are purchasing fresh, local, seasonal and sustainable products. We love the additional information we get about the fishers themselves, and value the ability to support them directly. We also keep the QR codes from every delivery - they're a great tool for our front of house staff and our guests dig them too!"

Oliver Edwards, Sous Chef +Brianna Smith, Head Chef
Hazel Restaurant (The MulberryGroup)

“Two Hands opens up the market, provides me with certainty in pricing, gets the fish to the customer quicker and fresher, and makes sure that chefs know the true provenance of what we do. At the end of the day, it means I can spend more time doing what is important for me and my family: fishing.”

Luke Anedda
Fisher, Corner Inlet, Victoria

Straight from the source.


Direct connection

Two Hands restores provenance, traceability, ethics and human connections to the food industry by directly connecting producers and restaurants. Using blockchain and bespoke technologies, our reinvented food supply chains improve user profitability, quality, safety, efficiencies, transparency and authenticity.